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Support the Fall Music Festival Fund

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The Fall Music Festival fund was established at the Wayne County Community Foundation by a group of friends grieving the the loss of several local loved ones who said goodbye too soon. Their group believes the greatest healing therapy is friendship and music. Music unites our sentimental souls. It makes us laugh, cry, remember, escape and dance. Music makes us feel nostalgic and hopeful at the same time. Sometimes it's the only medicine the heart and mind need.

The festival is about friends helping each other cope, moving forward after times of weakness and sorrow, gathering strength from the memories, and honoring our lost friends by supporting, with your help, the greater community to which they gave so much.

Thank you for supporting the Fall Music Festival!

In loving memory of the following individuals, please consider making a donation:

*Jake Burkhardt *Jerry (Jake) Hopkins * Joseph Gerard Bunnell * Kelley John Lalley * Kate Frisch Carmody *William McGinnis * Mike Chesna *Williams John Rogers * Robert Diehl * Brian Hunt-Rutherford *Vanessa Joy Van Gorder * Tina Smith Augello