Help support youth sports in Wayne County with the Chapman Family Fund!

Help support youth sports in Wayne County with the Chapman Family Fund! image




The Chapman Family Fund was founded in Honor and Memory of Dwight Chapman, Clifton “Barney” Chapman, Donald “Sam” Chapman, and Dwight “Jim” Chapman. Each of these men had a love for hunting, fishing, and sports.

Dwight, the patriarch, was a devoted baseball player in the early 1900s and passed on his love of the game to his son, Barney and grandsons, Sam and Jim. Baseball tradition ran deep with these men. The nickname "Sam" was given to Donald by Dwight in honor of Samuel Chapman, a center fielder for the Philadelphia Athletics. After Sam started playing baseball as a right-hander, Jim was taught to bat lefty because “they always wanted a lefty player on their team.” Barney and Jim are both members of the Wayne County Sports Hall of Fame.

Sam and Jim were long-time supporters of Youth sports and activities in the Southern Wayne area, the place where they were born and raised and later ran their businesses. All four gentlemen were mentors of family and friend's children in hunting, fishing, and sports; particularly baseball, bowling, golf, and snowmobiling.

This Grant Fund assists organizations and individuals who can provide sports mentorship, foster increased activity in sports, or provide education in the safety and enjoyment of hunting and fishing.

The fund will be used to sponsor events such as turkey calling contests with the Wild Turkey Federation, youth fishing days, archery and/or hunting activities and contests, sports camps, and golf instruction, as well as hunter safety courses. The Chapman Family Fund may also direct funding to youth athletes that cannot afford the equipment necessary to participate in their chosen sport or activity, including the cost of camps, AAU, etc.

The entire Chapman family is pleased to sponsor this grant program to maintain the interest and enjoyment of outdoor sports and recreation in Wayne County. We hope that the opportunity to mentor, with a little financial support, will allow our local youth to carry on the traditions and beliefs Dwight, Barney, Sam, and Jim held and shared with their family and community.