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Keep Hawley-Honesdale Beautiful!

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“Keeping our Wayne and Pike County roads, waterways, and other public areas litter-free, and our little corner of the world as beautiful as it can be, has become our mission - the mission of KHHB.”

This mission has given our group the chance to connect and contribute to our community; it has given us the possibility to see immediate results that are both tangible and rewarding; additionally, it has provided us with the opportunity to create an awareness which we hope has, and will continue to have, a positive impact on others as it relates to the maintenance and beautification of our area.

As of the fall of 2023, KHHB has collected over 5,500 bags of trash and tens of thousands of pounds of large debris from our area roads and rivers since our inception in the spring of 2017 . Presently, we have 50 active member-groups in KHHB that have officially adopted 100 miles of area roadways - from Lords Valley to Damascus, Hemlock Farms to Pleasant Mount, and Waymart to Narrowsburg, NY!

The task of picking up and disposing of litter is dirty, disgusting, and dangerous, and for most of our groups, this is a constant, ongoing battle along our busy roads for ten months of the year. Because of this, VOLUNTEER MEMBER SAFETY is our #1 concern. As we continue to grow in numbers of participants, there comes an increasing need for safety equipment.

Certain key items for our volunteers’ safety are crucial, such as "Slow Down" traffic signs and handheld signs, traffic sign stands/easels, reflective wear (shirts/vests), reflectors/flashers, insect and tick repellent, trash-grabbers, etc.. PennDOT supplies gloves and bags, but their disposable vests are not the most effective with regards to visibility and safety.

Promotional items are also needed in order for us to increase the awareness of our group and to communicate our anti-litter message to the public.

Our goals are the following:

1. Educate the general public on the harmful effects of discarded trash on both our environment and tourism economy

2. Deter people from littering and allow them to become more conscientious of their actions

3. Spark the public’s interest in adopting roads for themselves, starting their own clean up events, and/or volunteering to help at area clean up events

Thank you in advance for any support you can give to this cause, whether it is physically by the roadside or monetarily by your generosity.

In Gratitude,

Mike Coppola and the KHHB Team