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Known Grove Sacred Land Stewardship Fund

Sustainable Living through Ecosystem Restoration

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Help us stabilize, protect, and steward our county's land as we work toward regional sustainability.

Known Grove Sacred Land Stewardship is a nonprofit organization working to encourage and promote sacred land stewardship practice in the northeast region of Pennsylvania. We promote sustainable living through permaculture and ecosystem restoration projects -- working directly with landowners, land trusts, and volunteers to stabilize and protect land. Our primary goal is to grow and support a shift in regional consciousness toward a sacred connection with the ecosystem and our place within it.

Current project efforts are focused on assisting landowners in the conversion of vacant lawn space into ecologically rich, native permaculture groves. These 1-5 acres groves serve to bridge the gap between agriculture and ecology, forming a shared ecosystem useful to both human residents and wildlife

Reach out to us for more information at:

You have the option to learn about the trees planted and the projects implemented with your donation! For each $15 donated, you can adopt a native tree in one of our restoration projects to learn about what it is, why it was planted, and how it is progressing! If you'd like, you can even adopt an entire grove! If interested, simply say "Adopt Me a Tree!" (or something similar) in the note with your donation, and send us an email from your preferred recipient address

Let's work together to build a world that future generations can be proud to inherit.

Happy Planting!

For larger donations or donations of land, please contact us before donating online.